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Publications Under Review

“Robert Nisbet: Art, History, and the Anti-Rationalism of Sociological Methodology,” book chapter (Palgrave)

“Authority and Tradition: Free Speech and the American Constitutional Tradition,” book chapter (Routledge)

“Degradation and Revolution: A Taxonomy of Cancel Culture,” book chapter (Palgrave)

Working Papers and Books

“‘The People’ of the Tenth Amendment: Social Authority and the Limitation of Government Power”

“Varieties of Constitutional Monism: Egalitarianism and the Common Good”

“Freedom of Economic Association: A First Amendment Reading of Lochner,” with Michael Munger, Duke University

International Comparative Approaches to Free Speech and Open Inquiry (Edited Volume: Under Contract)

Freedoms Like a Fox: Liberalism, Pluralism, and the First Amendment (Manuscript in Progress)

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Popular Articles and Reviews

“Robert Nisbet’s Degradation of the Academic Dogma at 50,” Law and Liberty, September 17, 2021.

“Freedom to Speak or Freedom of Assembly?” Law and Liberty, August 16, 2021.

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